Freeing up time for mine-finding: the Cameco solution

Cameco is clear on its corporate objectives to become a more efficient, streamlined and standardized organization. Cameco’s exploration department’s data management strategy and implementation is striving toward this goal while applying best practice.

Members of Cameco’s exploration team are anticipating a time when their data management is so efficient that they can carve out an extra day in their weekly schedule to look for mines instead of spending those valuable hours searching for and manipulating data.

Cameco uses ESRI’s ArcServer for its GIS data, Geosoft’s DAP server for its geophysics and acQuire for geochemistry. Each repository is assigned a “subject matter specialist” responsible for ensuring QA/QC and uploading data to the server. The company is now working with Geosoft on a common web interface that connects the repositories on the back end so that explorers can retrieve data quickly and easily.

In this article:

  • Cameco’s approach to creating standards for its key GIS, geological, geochemical, geophysical, and land management data.
  • How data cleansing helped Cameco reduce the size of its geophysical database by 55%, from two terabytes to about 800 GB.
  • Cameco’s plans for a Geospatial Envision Technology & Information Transfer (GET-IT) System with a single web interface to data.
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