The Link Between Tsunamis, Corvettes, Lost Ships and Bombs

According to the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, near surface applications are increasing in number and societal value. The use of geoscientific data such as geophysics and boreholes, to inve...

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Magnetization Vector Inversion helps identify structures in Brazilian gold district

Magnetization Vector Inversion (MVI) helped identify structures in the Pontes e Lacerda area of southwestern Brazil, a gold district at -12° latitude where magnetic anomalies with inverted...

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Solving the inversion dilemma with VOXI Earth Modelling

Find out how Geosoft solved the inversion dilemma and how VOXI can empower you to model complex geophysical data & create realistic 3D representations of the earth to improve discovery success.

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Integrating potential field data with seismic data and structural geology

Potential field data is often considered “seismic’s little brother” in oil and gas exploration. In this webinar, Jonathan Watson, Interpretation Manager at Bridgeporth demonstrate...

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Incorporating gravity and magnetics into regional interpretation studies

TGS has conducted interpretation and play fairway studies across the frontier area offshore East Canada, following phased acquisition of 2D seismic surveys in Newfoundland and Labrador Sea in partn...

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3D Gravity and Magnetic Model of a Triassic Large Igneous Province Vent [PDF]

2010: EAGE 72nd Conference and Exhibition

G.G. Connard, J.M. Glen, J.M. Schmidt

Technical Publications | Gravity and Magnetic Modelling | 4153 views

Earth Science Research at any Scale [PDF]

University of Western Michigan

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Characterization of the Shallowing of the Silting Process on Japuiba Inlet [PDF]

The Rio de Janeiro State University, Institute of Geosciences, Department of Oceanography

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Using vertical dikes as a new approach to constraining the size of buried craters: An example from Lake Wanapitei, Canada [PDF]

2005: Geological Society of America
E. L’Heureux*, H. Ugalde, B. Milkereit, J. Boyce, W. Morris, N. Eyles, N. Artemieva

Technical Publications | Geoscience Research | 3460 views

Marine Magnetic Survey of a Submerged Roman Harbour, Caesarea Maritima, Israel [PDF]

2004: The Nautical Archaelogical Society
Joseph I. Boyce, Eduard G. Reinhardt, Avner Raban, Matthew R. Pozza

Technical Publications | Marine Geophysics | 3371 views

A New Interactive FFT-Based Grid Suturing Technique Applied to Ground Geophysical Surveys in Greece [PDF]

1999: Balkan Geophysical Congress
A. C. Johnson, A. Sarris, M. E. Amza-Prein

Technical Publications | Geoscience Research | 3147 views

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