Intelligent exploration key to finding new mineral deposits

As projects move deeper under cover, modern exploration scenarios require explorers to assess all the appropriate data on hand for the project to generate more insightful and accurate exploration m...

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Earth Explorer: 2015 Mineral Exploration Report [PDF]

A compilation of top Earth Explorer articles featuring applied success in improving data discovery and using geophysical inversion methods to increase confidence in drill targeting. 

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Fresh Perspective: Solutions for Mineral Exploration eBook [PDF]

A review of advancements in mineral exploration technology, and how explorers are using technology to improve productivity, support team-based exploration and gain deeper insight to guide drilling ...

Reports and eBooks | Mineral Geoscience | 14511 views

Purpose-built Workflows for Exploration Geology and Geochemistry [PDF]

A look at how simple, multidisciplinary workflows can help you get the job done faster and better – increasing the effectiveness of exploration geology from target selection to mine developme...

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Mapping the Subsurface in Esri ArcGIS [PDF]

2006: EAGE First Break, Volume 24

Louis Racic, Tim Millis

Technical Publications | Geological Modelling | 4373 views

Targeting exploration mapping needs

African Eagle Resources, Gold Fields International

Success Stories | Mineral Geoscience | 2585 views

Exploration in Three Dimensions: Visualizing Drillhole Data in 3D [PDF]

2003: Geosoft Technical Paper

Tracey Minton, Tim Millis

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