2015 exploration information management report

With almost 2,000 responses from 1328 organizations globally, the 2015 survey report identifies the biggest exploration data challenges and how organizations are working to solve them.


Choosing the right magnetic field inversion method for your geological situation

Validating or improving geological models with magnetic field data is an important part of creating a unified 3D exploration model to guide drill planning. The benefit of the Magnetization Vector Inversion technique, now proven in the field, is its ability to produce results that are consistent with more geological environments than conventional susceptibility modelling.


Effective Interpretation of 3D Inversion Results

A glimpse behind the scenes of the process of interpreting inversion results with an illustrative example featuring VOXI Earth Modelling. This case demonstrates the need for an iterative process revolving around discussion and the assessment of assumptions that go into an inversion.


Three keys to unlocking value in your exploration data

How can you unlock big data value in your organization? Understanding the key drivers for improving information management can be your first step.


Geosoft Data Services

Data services and methodology  that can help your organization establish a process and workflow to capture, catalog, publish and share all of your historical, current and future data.


GM-SYS 3D: Building Insightful 3D layered models from potential field data

An introduction to Geosoft GM-SYS 3D Modelling, and overview of how to quickly and easily design 3D earth models with GM-SYS that more accurately depict the variation and irregularity of subsurface structures.


Exploring for Oil with Gravity and Magnetics

Integrative approaches, combining gravity and magnetics with seismic, are helping to focus oil and gas exploration in frontier and deep water environments. This special report features some of the experience and innovation that’s driving new discovery success.


Top 5 Inversion Best Practices: Web Series

What are some of the most common, impactful things you can do to improve your 3D geophysical inversion models? Geosoft's Taronish Pithawala, technical lead for geophysical modelling, presents the 'Top 5 Inversion Best Practices' in this web series.


When Seismic is not enough: Exploit the Potential of Gravity and Magnetic Data

Michal Ruder, President of Wintermoon Geotechnologies, explains how and when to use magnetic and gravity data to further leverage seismic data, improving depth models and defining or constraining geometry in challenging areas.


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