Geosoft Software Release

October 2015

Release highlights

What’s new in this latest release

This release provides new features and workflow enhancements for file sharing, isosurfaces, sections, vector voxels, math tools, and drillhole plotting. Updates for Oasis montaj extensions include: Airborne Quality Control, GM-SYS Profile, GM-SYS 3D, UX-Analyze Advanced, and VOXI Earth Modelling.

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Feature Highlights

File sharing and integration

  • Share files and data with colleagues or team members more easily with new support for Leapfrog models, ASEG-ESF, ioGAS, LCT, and SEG-Y files.
  • Export your 2D maps as Adobe PDF files that include georeferencing and map layers.

Voxel and Channel Math

  • The voxel math tool now supports open and closed surface operations that you can use to identify voxel cell ranges and build voxel models.
  • The channel math tool adds many new functions for working with data in your database.

Stacked sections on a map


  • Plot drillholes on multiple sections
  • Add topography and station location to section maps
  • New section plotting options to make working with sections more efficient

New 3D drillhole planning workflow

New 3D drillhole planning

You can use the new drillhole planning tool to interactively draw and position proposed drillholes directly in 3D within context of other geological, geophysical, and geochemical 3D data.

Isosurface Improvements


Close isosurfaces by wrapping the surface around a range of values, or by selecting all the values above or below a specific cut-off value. Use these closed surfaces in voxel math calculations, or as constraints for VOXI inversions.

New vector voxel display options

Vector Voxels

  • New display options provide more flexibility for displaying vector voxels in the 3D viewer.
  • Convert vector voxels directly to and from a Geosoft database in a single step.

Oasis montaj extensions

Airborne Quality Control

  • New altitude quality control test options
  • Added information to the deposit detection map legend
  • Run multiple quality control tests at once

GM-SYS Profile

GM-SYS Profile

Extract horizons from a GM-SYS Profile model into a Geosoft database (.gdb) in a single step. Once in the database, you can use the horizons to build a 3D interpretation.



You can now calculate the magnetic response of a 3D model on a draped or uneven surface, for both forward and inverse calculations.

UX Analyze Advanced

UX-Analyze Advanced

  • New sensor function and background location validation tests
  • New standardized plots to simplify documentation and reporting
  • Static data import workflow upgrade

VOXI Earth Modelling

VOXI Earth Modelling

  • VOXI constraint builder now supports vector voxels and includes the ability to build complex constraint models with multiple surfaces.
  • VOXI Iterative Reweighting Inversion (IRI) enhancements

VOXI Earth Modelling

VOXI Subscriptions

  • For VOXI subscribers, MVI and IRI inversions are now included in your monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription.
  • Create unlimited models with an increased size of up to 250x250 cells.

Looking for more?

See the detailed release notes and software downloads for these products:

Oasis montaj 8.5 Target 8.5 Target for ArcGIS 4.5 Geochemistry for ArcGIS 2.9

and extensions:

Airborne Quality Control Geochemistry GM-SYS Profile
GM-SYS 3D UX-Analyze Advanced VOXI Earth Modelling


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