Geosoft Software Release

May 13, 2015

This release focuses on faster processing,
gridding and display for 3D voxels.

What’s new in this latest release

This release focuses on making voxels more efficient. We've optimized how voxels are handled, so you'll notice faster processing, 3D gridding, and rendering for large voxels.

When working with sections, you can automatically plot multiple data arrays from the same line as a stacked section map. Import block model and triangulation files directly from Maptek Vulcan.

New features for Oasis montaj extensions include a new deposit detection tool for survey planning in Airborne Quality Control and new filter options for anomaly profiles in GM-SYS Profile. UX-Analyze Advanced includes new workflow and plotting improvements.

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Feature Highlights

Voxel enhancements

  • Faster voxel processing
  • Create voxel 3D grids more quickly
  • Optimized voxel display for a better viewing experience


  • Create multi-parameter stacked sections
  • Automatically plot multiple data arrays from the same line as a stacked section map

3D Visualization

  • Import block model and triangulation files from Maptek Vulcan directly into the Geosoft 3D viewer

Oasis montaj extensions

Airborne Quality Control

  • Determine if an airborne survey can detect a deposit

GM-SYS Profile

  • Apply Selected 1D FFT Filters to Magnetic Anomaly Profiles
  • Enhanced 1D FFT filtering for anomaly profiles

UX-Analyze Advanced

  • Save the window layout of your workspace
  • Data Map Improvements
  • Data Processing Workflow Update
  • Polarization, Size and Decay Plot Improvements

Looking for more?

See the detailed release notes and software downloads for these products:

Oasis montaj 8.4 Target 8.4 Target for ArcGIS 4.4 Geochemistry for ArcGIS 2.8

and extensions:

Airborne Quality Control GM-SYS Profile UX-Analyze

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