VOXI is a high performance, cloud-powered solution for rapid and responsive geophysical inversion modelling. VOXI's speed and usability makes it ideal for time-critical mineral prospecting and target delineation.

  • Use geophysics for predictive 3D modelling and prospect generation in deeper subsurface environments.
  • Aid target delineation with integrated geological and geophysical 3D modelling. 
  • Visualize large geophysical survey data - rapidly and cost-effectively.

Generate inversions in minutes, not days, for deeper insight into your targeting environment.

Faster geophysical inversion modelling means more time for interpretation and understanding model results. The ability to run inversions in minutes, versus hours or days, provides more opportunity to interact with your model to apply constraints and test different hypotheses with explorationists. Accessed within Oasis montaj, the industry-standard platform for exploration geophysics, VOXI streamlines model creation, data integration and interpretation.

How to create an inversion model in 4 minutes or less 

Optimised performance

Build models with confidence and rapidly iterate to develop new understanding.

  • Susceptibility Inversion

  • MVI Susceptibility Inversion

Geosoft had introduced advanced geophysical modelling techniques, including Iterative Reweighting Inversion Focusing (IRIF) and Magnetization Vector Inversion (MVI), to dramatically improve inversion results by delivering outcomes that fit geological expectations. MVI models the magnetization vector of your TMI data and provides a more complete model aligned with the size and orientation of magnetic bodies.

More about magnetization vector inversion

Collaborate more effectively, and add multidisciplinary insight to improve decision-making.

Integration of VOXI within the Oasis montaj platform provides a new way to interact and collaborate with geophysical models. Inversion models can be constrained and more efficiently integrated with other exploration data, including borehole data, geological wireframes and geochemical data. Model results can be rapidly iterated, as new data and insight becomes available and easily shared across multidisciplinary teams.

An INTEGRATED modelling case study 

Integration of VOXI


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