Available in VOXI Earth Modelling, Iterative Reweighting Inversion Focusing (IRIF) takes an initial inversion result and uses it as an Iterative Reweighting constraint in a subsequent inversion to produce a refined or ‘focused’ inversion result. 

  • Quickly run first-pass, unconstrained inversions over an area of interest.
  • Produce models that have a more geologically reasonable geometry and amplitude, with minimal time and effort.

Refine VOXI Earth Models with IRI Focusing 

In the absence of constraints, VOXI is designed to produce smooth models that have no more structure than is absolutely necessary to reproduce the input data. IRIF takes an initial earth model and uses it as an iterative reweighting constraint when running a new inversion of the same data. The reweighting constraint acts to focus broad, lower amplitude positive anomalies into more compact, higher amplitude positive anomalies. This process is iterated until a satisfactory result is achieved. Experience shows that in general only one to two iterations are necessary. 

IRIF is a high-value/low-effort inversion tool that can be used with any type of potential field data. It can be used in combination with auxiliary geological information in the area of interest, but is particularly beneficial in the absence of such information. IRIF can and should be used at any stage of an exploration project, but provides most value when running first-pass, unconstrained inversions over an area of interest.

  • Default Inversion Result

  • Iterative Reweighting Inversion Result


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