Create 3D conductivity and chargeability models from induced polarization (IP) and resistivity survey data using VOXI's high performance 3D inversion technology. Easily integrate these models directly with your geophysical or geological interpretation in Oasis montaj.

  • A full featured and modern approach to 3D modelling
    of IP and resistivity data.
  • An integrated IP and resistivity data workflow
    within Oasis montaj provides a seamless and
    powerful experience.

A complete solution for IP and Resistivity data

VOXI utilizes a 3D algorithm for forward and inverse calculations of time domain and spectral IP and resistivity data. All electrode configurations and a full suite of measurements are supported with intelligent defaults and advanced parameter options.

Complete solution for IP and Resistivity data
  • Supported time-domain IP and resistivity measurements include voltage, apparent chargeability, peak chargeability, phase, metal factor, and percent frequency effect. 
  • 3D source discrimination using Spectral IP modelling
    for complex resistivity.
  • Supported electrode configurations include conventional
    line surveys, offset line surveys and full 3D arrays.
  • Efficient inversion and accurate discretization options for variable finite volume and adaptive tetrahedral finite element mesh geometries.
  • Reduce noise and improve data misfit in the result with effective pairing of both L1 and L2-model norms.
  • Incorporate other geoscientific data and models into
    your inversion using VOXI 3D constraint building tools.

VOXI IP and Resistivity requires Oasis montaj 9.1 or higher.


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