Using VOXI Earth Modelling, you can invert frequency domain horizontal coplanar configuration electromagnetic (FDEM) data to produce a voxel conductivity model - and easily integrate your model into a unified interpretation in Oasis montaj.

  • Generate a useful 3D result at a fraction of the time and cost of full 3D EM inversion.
  • Easily integrate conductivity models directly with your magnetic and gravity inversions into a geophysical or geological interpretation in Oasis montaj. 

Model frequency domain electromagnetic data

Fully integrated into Oasis montaj, VOXI FDEM inversion makes use of all the intuitive model building and constraint tools available in VOXI – simply add your EM data and select Conductivity Modelling when creating your VOXI project. VOXI takes horizontal coplanar frequency domain EM data (e.g. DIGHEMTM, ResolveTM or similar MaxMin type systems) and produces a 3D conductivity model. FDEM inversion with VOXI is based on fast 1D inversion and 3D interpolation and is powered by Microsoft Azure cloud computing.




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