+ What is VOXI Earth Modelling?

Geosoft VOXI Earth Modelling is geophysical inversion software,delivered as a service, that gives you tools to create 3D voxel models from airborne or ground gravity and magnetic data. You can access VOXI through your Oasis montaj desktop. There is no additional software to download or install. VOXI uses the power of cloud computing to rapidly invert large exploration datasets. VOXI Earth Modelling is powered by Microsoft Windows Azure.

+ What is Magnetization Vector Inversion (MVI)?

The first release of VOXI Earth Modelling included the Geosoft Magnetization Vector Inversion (MVI) modelling technique. MVI allows the magnetization direction to vary within the model and thus take into account the combined effects of remanence, demagnetization, anisotropy and induced magnetization. The result is a more realistic representation of rock magnetization, which is the fundamental rock property measured with the magnetic method.

In the majority of voxel based inversions it is assumed that the magnetic response arises entirely from magnetic induction, and that demagnetization and anisotropy can be ignored. However, in the last decade several studies have shown that remanent magnetization is far more prevalent than previously thought and of importance for several mineral deposit types. The failure to accommodate for demagnetization, anisotropy, and remanent magnetization in 3D voxel-based modelling can lead to misleading interpretations.

+ What are the benefits of using VOXI for inversion modelling?

VOXI reduces the time and effort required to generate 3D models using geophysical inversion techniques. Fully integrated with Geosoft Oasis montaj, you can use VOXI to efficiently update and integrate models with your geology and other datasets in your Geosoft 3D environment. VOXI is software delivered as a service, and you can use it as, and when, required for your projects. Find examples of applied success with VOXI in the Resource Centre.

+ Who is VOXI designed for?

With VOXI's streamlined inversion workflows, you don't need to be a modelling expert to apply geophysical inversion techniques to exploration projects. Anyone with basic knowledge of geophysics can use VOXI to run simple inversions and build 3D models. Guides and videos on running inversions, adding constraints and building forward models are available in the VOXI Learning Centre

+ What type of data does VOXI support?

VOXI currently supports airborne and ground magnetic and gravity field data; gravity gradient data including full tensor systems and vertical gravity gradiometry; as well as frequency domain horizontal coplanar configuration electromagnetic (EM) data.

+ Are my files secure when I'm using VOXI?

Yes, your data and files are secure when using VOXI. Within VOXI's secure service infrastructure, files are encrypted and sent via SSL to Microsoft Azure state-of-the-art servers, protected by advanced firewalls and housed in a SAS70 Type 2-certified data center. Read the VOXI Earth Modelling Data and Architecture document for more details.

Getting Started

+ What's the cost to start using VOXI?

VOXI is offered to all Geosoft customers with a maintained license of Oasis montaj 7.5 or higher. Gravity field models of density and magnetic field models of susceptibility, less than 50x50 cells in area, are offered at no additional cost. When you are ready to take advantage of additional modelling capabilities, VOXI subscriptions can be purchased for as little as $750. Learn more about the various VOXI service options on the Get Started page.

+ What hardware and software do I need?

You will need a maintained license of Oasis montaj 7.5 or higher, a Geosoft ID and a reasonable broadband Internet connection to use VOXI Earth Modelling. You will need Oasis montaj 9.1 or higher to use VOXI IP and Resistivity.



+ Are there help resources available for VOXI?

You can visit the VOXI Learning Path for help on how to load the VOXI menu and set up a VOXI session inside Oasis montaj. The VOXI learning path also has an extensive library of videos and readings to help with running inversions, adding constraints and building forward models.

Buying VOXI

+ What are my options when I'm ready to buy VOXI?

You can select from three VOXI service options: VOXI subscriptions (for 1 month, 3 months, and 12 months); pay-as-you-go access; and VOXI Corporate Services for teams of 5 or more members. Learn more about these options, and what's included, to get started today.

+ How do I pay for the VOXI software service?

Purchasing a VOXI service that is right for you can be done securely online through My Geosoft by credit card or optionally through online invoicing. For credit card purchases of subscriptions or pay-as-you-go modelling, we accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. If you live inside Canada, your final purchase price will include the standard sales tax (HST 13%).

If you are interested in VOXI Corporate Services for your team of 5 or more, contact us.

+ How do I purchase VOXI?

As a first step, we suggest you visit the Get Started page for more details on available VOXI service options. When you're ready, you can purchase a VOXI subscription securely online through My Geosoft. If you would like to access VOXI without a subscription, simply create and submit your model through VOXI in Oasis montaj. You will then be directed to My Geosoft where you can pay for your submitted model based on its dimensions and data type.


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