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The 9.0 release provides a new simplified and customizable interface, new 64-bit processing that provides more efficient performance, a simpler install, and easy access to your licensed software. This release includes significant upgrades to the Oasis montaj extensions, including: Airborne Quality Control, Drillhole Plotting, Gravity and Terrain Correction, GM-SYS 3D, UX-Analyze, and UXO Marine. We are also excited to announce UXO Land, a new extension for working with land-based UXO survey data.

Geosoft 9.0 release

Feature Highlights

New simplified interface

Oasis montaj and Target have a new cleaner, simpler interface that makes it easier to use and customize designed to provide you with the tools you need, when you need them.

Multi-monitor support

​You can now use two or more monitors to increase your screen workspace by dragging any window outside ​the Oasis montaj or Target window to a second monitor.

Geosoft ID Licensing

We've moved to Geosoft ID licensing for all products. Licence Keys are no longer required. Simply sign in to your software with your Geosoft ID to use all your licensed software products and extensions.

64-bit Applications

Oasis montaj and Target are now 64-bit applications for improved performance that enables you to create and work with much larger databases, voxels, and grids.

Updated 3D Rendering

We've updated our 3D graphics rendering to provide better transparency and lighting in your 3D models, and support for a broader range of video cards.

New grid display options

  • Grid multiple channels using Kriging and Inverse Distance Weighted gridding methods
  • Use a DEM to shade your data grid with surface topography

Oasis montaj extensions

Drillhole Plotting

  • Create sections or level plan maps in a 3D view
  • Import multiple tables of drillhole data from Excel or Access in a single step
  • Plan deviated drillholes in 3D

Induced Polarization

  • Quickly identify and reject faulty electrode readings in 3D induced polarization data
  • Create a plan map that displays transmitter, receiver, and electrode locations

Gravity and Terrain Correction

Added a new moving platform gravity workflow for processing shipborne gravity survey data. This new workflow supports additional gravity and bathymetry imports, including MGS-6 and P1/90 formats and includes updated survey path corrections.

UXO Land

UXO Land is a new extension for Oasis montaj that provides a complete suite of tools for working with land-based UXO survey data. UXO Land combines the features previously available in UX-Detect and UX-Process into a single workflow that takes you through all the steps from survey planning to target identification and remediation.

UXO Marine

  • Rotate the data view in any direction on a map
  • Improved batch modelling and analytic signal calculation
  • Improved support for multiple marine sensors
  • New path correction tools and interactive accurate target-picking


  • Improved background survey quality control metrics
  • Create a map with background and survey locations
  • Improved data structure and workflow
  • New algorithms for modelling advanced EM data

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