Add, edit, or delete geostring vertices, including the ability to snap on or off section in edit mode

What's New

Target 8.1

Target 8.1 includes new features that enhance the process of digitizing and editing geological interpretations. Add, edit, or delete geostring vertices, and to select pattern fills for geostrings. There are a number of new snapping options, including the ability to snap to existing interpretations and to snap on or off a section in edit mode.


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New Features

Ease of Use

Control vertical extents of fence diagram

You can control the vertical extents of a fence diagram in sections by selecting the depth range. This enables you to plot the part of the hole you want to see instead of having to plot the entire hole.

New Feature

Survey design tool

Use the Survey Design Tool to quickly design a simple survey for ground geophysics or geochemical sampling. Plan a new survey by defining survey extents, line direction and spacing, sample spacing, and QA/QC samples. Use the reporting tools to calculate total line distance or number of samples, export a list for sample collection and preparation, or plot a map of the lines and samples.

Esri ArcEngine 10.2

During installation, if you have a ArcEngine 10.1 or earlier installed or if you have no ESRI Desktop products installed, you will be prompted with the option to install ArcEngine 10.2.


Close a geostring

You can now close a geostring so it is not displayed on any of your maps.

Edit geostring vertices

Add, edit, or delete geostring vertices, including the ability to snap on or off section in edit mode.

Pattern Fill for Geostrings

Select a pattern fill from the Geosoft Pattern library for a geostring polygon or polyline.

Print maps with geostrings

Geostrings are now displayed on printed maps.

Snap to an existing interpretation

You can now snap to existing interpretations in an open geostring file while digitizing.

Snapping to To or From of a single from-to interval

Improved snapping options enable you to snap to either the To or From values (top or bottom of intervals), and individual intervals that are not connected to another from-to value.

Updates for Target Extensions

There are no specific enhancements for the Geochemistry extension in this release.

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