montaj plus Extension Praga 4 Radiometrics

The Praga Radiometrics extension to Oasis montaj enables you to map and process airborne and ground gamma-ray spectrometry data acquired by modern spectrometers using NaI (Tl) detectors. The feature-rich, GUI oriented software was specifically developed to perform whole spectrum gamma-ray data processing.


The use of whole-spectrum information is consistent with the latest developments in the theory and instrumentation of gamma-ray spectrometry. The full-spectrum technique within the Praga Radiometrics extension includes a complete system of spectrum background removal. Aircraft, cosmic and radon background components can be separately adjusted by the user with the control of experimental calibration constants.

Visual control over various spectrum operations is an important feature. Using the spectrum browser, data can be displayed and analyzed on a spectrum-by-spectrum basis, allowing the user to evaluate the applicability of special processing methods such as spectrum-fitting or principal component analysis. There is a choice of relative (count rate) or absolute (activity, exposure and dose rates) outputs for all window, spectrum-fitting and principal component/window techniques. Another key aspect is the integration of the gamma-ray processing application with a gridding profile/grid viewer capability, for challenging tasks such as radon removal and man-made nuclide detection where multiple processing cycles are usually necessary.

Praga Radiometrics includes these five components:

  • A spectrum browser with tools for peak identification.
  • Window-based (ROI) processing following IAEA standards.
  • Advanced full-spectrum processing using least-squares fitting techniques.
  • Principal component (NASVD or MNF) analysis and spectrum processing.
  • Advanced support for radon removal including extended spectral-ratio and full-spectrum techniques.

Pico-Radiation-Air-to-Ground-Algorithm (Praga) software was developed by the Pico Envirotec and Spectronica. It is licensed and distributed by Geosoft as an Oasis montaj plus third party extension.

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