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The Geophysics extension provides a range of filters and statistical tools for working with large volume geophysical data. A variety of geostatistical tools provide the ability for summary and advanced statistics.

The montaj Geophysics software extension provides a range of filters and statistical tools for working with large-volume geophysical data.

Spatial 1D Filters enable field geophysicists to process data by applying a variety of space domain filters (linear and non-linear).

The 1D FFT Filter enables you to apply a variety of Fourier domain filters to one-dimensional (line) potential field and other data.

A variety of geostatistical tools provide the ability for summary and advanced statistics, including histogram, scatter and triplot analysis, and the ability to subset data based on code or map group classification.

Use montaj Geophysics to:

  • Smooth data, with or without non-linear filtering, using spatial one dimensional filters.
  • Apply convolution filters, including Difference, Fraser, Laplace, Low-pass, Band-pass, High-pass, and User-Defined.
  • Enhance the shorter wavelength features in the data using one-dimensional Fast Fourier Filters (FFT). These include regional filters, upward/downward continuations and vertical and horizontal derivatives.
  • Apply Lag Correction to a channel of data by shifting the start fiducial by a specified lag amount.
  • Apply Heading Correction to data for a systematic shift (in the data) that is a function of the direction of travel for a survey line.
  • Apply Magnetic base station correction to a magnetic channel.
  • Perform profile-based processing for interpretation and modelling purposes.
  • Perform multivariate analysis using histogram, scatter and triplot statistical analysis tools Select and subset data interactively from maps based on text codes, regions or map groups.
  • Create sections from survey lines that contain bends or curves. Display these curved or crooked sections in 2D or 3D views as either grids or pixel plots.
  • Minimize edge effects with the Constrained Linear Prediction (CLP) extrapolation method, added to the 1D-FFT expansion routine, when working with data containing systematic high frequency interference.
  • Integrate seismic data in SEG-Y format with Oasis montaj geospatial data. Convert 2D SEG-Y data into bitmaps, Oasis montaj grids or databases and 3D SEG-Y data into 3D Grids or databases.

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