montaj Extension 256-Channel Radiometric Processing

The 256-Channel Radiometrics Processing extension provides the capability to visualize and process 256 channel spectrometer data collected from airborne surveys. It supports the three main phases in airborne spectrometer surveying: acquisition, processing and presentation.

The montaj 256-Channel Radiometrics Processing extension enables geoscientists to process and visualize 256 channel spectrometer data.

There are three main phases in airborne spectrometer survey data handling are — acquisition, processing and presentation. This extension is designed specifically for processing raw data collected from airborne surveys.

In addition to radiometric processing capabilities, this extension provides 1D non-linear filters to locate and remove data that is recognized as noise.

Use 256-Channel Radiometrics Processing to:

  • Import full spectra (i.e. arrays) of radiometric data using an Import Wizard
  • Display full "spectra" as profiles in a column of the database
  • View individual windows of spectra in database columns
  • Window K, Ur, Th and Total Count values simultaneously and store in unique columns
  • Window individual K, Ur, Th and Total Count values individually and store in a column
  • Subset spectra using sample ranges (i.e. to evaluate sub-windows) within individual spectra
  • Process windowed data using the standard reduction capabilities in the RPS system
  • Apply 1D Non-Linear Filter to remove very short wavelength, but high amplitude features from data
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