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Geosoft software extensions add advanced, specialized functionality to your Target and Oasis montaj environment. Extended capabilities enable you to analyse and QA surface geochemical data, and conduct advanced filtering and processing of airborne magnetic and other geophysical data.

Extensions for Oasis montaj

montaj Extensions developed by Geosoft

256-Channel Radiometrics Processing - enables you to process and visualize 256 channel spectrometer data.
Airborne Quality Control - provides essential tools for planning an airborne survey, and meeting tender specifications.
Depth to Basement - provides automated determination of position, dip, and intensity of magnetic source bodies.
Drillhole Plotting - enables you to visualise and interpret your geology data, and manage results for drill programs.
Geochemistry - enables you to effectively import, validate and analyze your surface geochemical.
Geophysics - provides a range of profile filters and statistical tools for working with large-volume geophysical data.
Geophysics Levelling - includes advanced tools for processing and enhancing geophysical data.
GM-SYS Profile Modelling - enables you to create a geological model and test its accuracy.
GM-SYS 3D Modelling - enables modelling complex 3D subsurface structures of any size or scale.
Gravity and Terrain Correction - enables reduction and processing of gravity data from conventional ground surveys.
Grav/Mag Interpretation - enables automatic location and depth determination for gridded magnetic and gravity data.
GridKnit - enables merging geophysical grids regardless of cell size, projection or grid type.
Induced Polarization - performs many tasks on IP data including import, quality control, and more.
Isostatic Residual - calculates Airy isostatic regional and residual gravity from a topographic grid.
MAGMAP Filtering - enhances gridded datasets through geophysical and mathematical filters.
UXO Land - enables location and analysis of UXO targets from magnetic or electromagnetic data.
UXO Marine - enables detection, analysis and mapping of underwater UXO and utilities with magnetic data.

montaj plus Extensions developed by Geosoft Partners

CET Grid Analysis - provides automated lineament detection of gridded data for first-pass data processing.
CET Porphyry Analysis - rapid analysis of magnetic data to automatically locate porphyry magnetic signatures.
Compudrape - enables draping potential field profiles or gridded data to any reference surface.
PotentQ - provides rapid semi-automatic modeling of a single magnetic and/or gravity anomaly.
Praga 4 Radiometrics - enables you to map and process airborne and ground gamma-ray spectrometry data.
Predictive Targeting - simulation and target generation with neural networks.


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