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Oasis montaj 8.4

Oasis montaj 8.4 focuses on making voxels more efficient. We've optimized how voxels are handled, so you'll notice faster processing, 3D gridding, and rendering for large voxels.

When working with sections, you can automatically plot multiple data arrays from the same line as a stacked section map. Import block model and triangulation files directly from Maptek Vulcan.

New features for Oasis montaj extensions include a new deposit detection tool for survey planning in Airborne Quality Control and new filter options for anomaly profiles in GM-SYS Profile. UX-Analyze includes new workflow and plotting improvements.

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New Features


Voxel Display Improvements

The 3D viewer automatically selects an optimal cell size when displaying large voxels. When there is insufficient memory to display the voxel at full resolution, the voxels are displayed at a coarser resolution so that the 3D viewer remains quick and responsive.

Faster Voxel Processing

We've improved processing speed and reduced the memory consumption for common voxel tasks,​ providing you with quicker performance when you filter, window, or merge voxels.

Voxel Gridding Improvements

​We've optimized the Voxel Gridding methods to better handle gridding for very large datasets. You'll be able to create grids more quickly, with less memory, when using the Kriging, IDW Gridding, or Direct Gridding methods​. These performance improvements are most noticeable when gridding very large datasets or 'sparse datasets'.​


Create multi-parameter stacked sections

In a single step you can now automatically plot multiple data arrays from the same line as a stacked section map. You can customize the ground and geographic coordinate annotations and apply unique colour ramp gradients for each section to help distinguish the different types of array data.

3D Visualization

Vulcan Block Model and Triangulation Imports

Import files created with Maptek's Vulcan software directly into the Geosoft 3D Viewer, making it easier to collaborate with colleagues who use Vulcan. The Vulcan Triangulation (*.00t) and Block Model file formats (*.bmf) are supported.

Grid Display

All grid and voxel display dialogs contain the new colour ramp

The new colour ramp selectors are available in all grid and voxel display dialogs.

See full release notes for Oasis montaj 8.4

Updates for Oasis montaj Extensions

Airborne Quality Control

Determine if an airborne survey can detect a deposit

When planning an airborne survey, you can analyze a potential exploration target of economic interest with a specified size, depth and physical property contrast to determine if the deposit can be detected using proposed survey specifications.

The detection map layer enables you to quickly identify any areas where the survey is at risk of not detecting the deposit. You can then see how these locations correspond to your proposed flight lines and the underlying topography.

Performing this quick detection analysis can help you ensure that your projected flight path will provide results before committing to a costly survey. 

GM-SYS Profile

Apply Selected 1D FFT Filters to Magnetic Anomaly Profiles

Marine and airborne data are often filtered as part of the processing stream. You can now filter the observed and calculated responses with the same parameters and display both of the filtered profiles for comparison. Apply the following 1D FFT filters to the observed or calculated magnetic profiles:

  • Bandpass
  • Butterworth
  • Continuation
  • Cosine roll-off
  • Gaussian
  • High pass
  • Low pass


Enhanced 1D FFT filtering for anomaly profiles

We have added improvements that make filtering of gravity and magnetic profiles simpler to use.

  • Automatically calculate filtered profiles when closing the filtering dialog
  • An "Apply" button so you can test filter parameters without closing the dialog
  • Added the Continuation filter
  • Added a "No filter" option to clear the selected filter
  • Improved the autoscale behaviour when working with filtered profiles

UX-Analyze Advanced

Data Map Improvements

When creating data maps, you can now specify the size of map window and the gridding parameters. You can also choose to plot the measured, modelled and residual responses. In addition, data maps now have clearer labelling and include a title, scale bars and projection details, making them easier to read and use.

Data Processing Workflow Update

We've updated the UX-Analyze workflow by organizing individual tools into bundles based on key processing tasks. These new workflow tasks include: Process IVS data, Field Check, Validate Library and Classify and Rank. This change better reflects how customers typically use the software, making it more efficient to use and easier to learn.

Polarization Plot Improvements

The data curves in the polarization plots are displayed in a more logical order and are clearer to read and use. In addition, you can now set the scale limits for X and Y axes to ensure that your plots are consistent from project to project.

Save the window layout of your workspace

You can now save the layout of your database, maps and interactive viewer windows, enabling you to quickly use your preferred layout when reviewing and interpreting data.

Size and Decay Plot Improvements

Size and Decay plots are now generated more quickly and are easier to use. The selected or current source is highlighted more clearly and you can include a symbol legend in your plot.

See full release notes for Oasis montaj 8.4

There are no updates for Oasis montaj Plus partner extensions in this version. See full release notes for Oasis montaj 8.4

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