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Oasis montaj 7.5

This release includes important advancements that improve workflows, provide access to Bing Maps, and expand 3D subsurface visualisation and analysis capabilities. This release also contains many new features and enhancements for the Oasis montaj extensions. Notably, the new VOXI Earth Modelling service is available with this release.


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New Features

Ease of Use

Display Bing Maps imagery

You can now view air photo or satellite remote sensing imagery in a Geosoft Map by connecting to the Bing Maps online data source. The imagery is streamed and displayed as a layer in your map, not downloaded as a saved file. To use Bing Maps, you'll need to be connected to the internet and logged in with your Geosoft ID. When you are offline, the Bing Maps layer will appear greyed out until you connect again.

Increased number of recent files and projects

We have increased the number of recent files and projects names displayed in an project, making it easier to locate and open projects for customers working with many exploration projects.

Workflow Improvements

Plot profiles and post values of a selected element of an array channel

You can now directly post and plot a profile for a selected element in an array channel.

3D Visualization

3D Direct Gridding method

We've expanded our 3D gridding methods to include direct gridding. The direct gridding method is most applicable when gridding densely or oversampled data such as GPR, seismic and lidar data. Another ability of this method is to create a voxel of sample density distribution, useful in determining under sampled volumes.

3D IDW gridding method

Added 3D Inverse Distance Weighting (IDW) gridding. This 3D gridding method works well for interpolating geochemical and drillhole data and provides a quick alternative to the 3D Kriging method.

Angled clipping planes in a 3D view

You now have the ability to define an arbitrary angled clipping plane, providing you with greater flexibility for 3D viewing This angled plane can be used to visually clip any of the selected objects in your 3D View. Visually clip datasets along angled planes that coincide with dominant geological directions, structural trends, and survey orientations. Any or all of the existing X,Y,Z axes can be used as angled clipping planes

Online Services

Geosoft Connect uses Geosoft ID to access online services

Geosoft customers can use their Geosoft ID to access any Geosoft online service that requires a secure sign-in, including website downloads, online updates, and Bing Maps. As a customer, your Geosoft ID is the only sign-in you'll need to remember when accessing any of our services, communications, or website.

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Updates for Oasis montaj Extensions

Drillhole Plotting

Add 3D Vector files to Section and Plan Maps

You can now include 3D shapefiles and 3D DXF files while generating a section map in Target or Target for ArcGIS. This enables you to add 3D vector files (such as ore body wire frames and open pit outlines from mine planning packages) to section maps, plan maps and level plan slices. The imported 3D files appear in the correct location on your 2D section map. The 3D DXF file is clipped to the thickness of the section map (only the portion which exists inside the section is visible) while the entire 3D shapefile is projected onto the centre slice of the section.

Drag and drop layers from Geosoft Maps to the 3D Viewer

Now you can drag and drop any map group (or multiple selected groups) from a Geosoft Map to the 3D Viewer. This enables you to quickly display interpretations drawn on section maps within the 3D View. All the section map groups will appear in their correct geospatial orientation in the 3D view.


GM-SYS 3D Hybrid density model support

You can now use voxels to define the 3D density variation within GM-SYS 3D model layers. These can be used for forward modelling of gravity and gravity gradiometry data, enabling you to create a more accurate representation of the density distribution in a 3D model. This is especially important when integrating with seismic reflection surveys, where models are defined as velocity or density cubes.

GM-SYS Profile

Enhanced dialog for adding "dummy" observations to GM-SYS Profile models

A single dialog box makes it easier to specify "dummy values" for missing data values. You can now specify the number and locations of calculation stations, including support for draped surveys.

Remove micro-blocks

Importing horizons from different sources can produce many tiny blocks in the model when the precision of the input data is limited. These blocks clutter the model and can significantly reduce performance without adding any value to the interpretation. This feature enables you to remove insignificant micro-blocks of data by specifying a threshold size, expressed as a percentage of the total model length. Any blocks below this specified threshold are removed from the model.

Specify well and LAS well locations using "real" external coordinates

You can now specify well locations (Well markers and LAS wells) in the external "real-world" coordinate system of the model, as well as the internal "Model" coordinate system. Well locations are typically specified in a standard coordinate system so this saves you the step of having to manually calculate the model coordinates of a well in order to use it.

Use channel name as default horizon name when importing

When importing horizons from a database, the default horizon in the model is automatically named using the imported channel name so you don't have to manually enter the horizon name while importing data.

Induced Polarization

IP instrument support

We've made it simpler and easier to import induced polarization (IP) data by adding direct support for GDD IP Instrumentation. Geosoft also now supports the Zonge CAVGW format and updated the Zonge frequency domain IP import to support up to 64 frequencies.

VOXI Earth Modelling

VOXI Earth Modelling

Geosoft VOXI Earth Modelling™ is a geophysical inversion software service that generates 3D voxel models from airborne or ground gravity and magnetic data. VOXI Earth Modelling is available through the Oasis montaj desktop and uses the power of cloud computing to rapidly invert large exploration datasets. Visit the VOXI product page for more information.

See full release notes for Oasis montaj 7.5

Oasis montaj Plus Partner Extensions

There are no new capabilities for Oasis montaj Plus Extensions in Oasis montaj 7.5. See full release notes for Oasis montaj 7.5

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