The Induced Polarization (IP) extension provides a complete solution for working with IP data. You can import IP instrument data, perform quality control (QC), visualize the data in 2D maps and sections and 3D views. The IP workflow supports time and frequency domain data, inline, offset, and 3D electrode layouts and all the standard electrode configurations.

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Induced Polarization

The IP extension is designed for both contractors and in-house geophysicists. It consist of a complete IP workflow, starting with data imports, batch and interactive quality control processes, and georeferencing the data in preparation for inversion.

We support the standard IP data formats namely: Iris, Scintrex, GDD, Phoenix, Zonge and Geosoft. Upon import the IP extension calculates the apparent resistivity, metal factor, self-potential, average IP, plot point coordinates and if applicable the N factor.  Geographically adjacent IP surveys collected over time and with different configuration can be merged.

The quality control tools are linked in real-time to the IP database and to any open planar, pseudo-section and 3D views. The quality control tools enable you to inspect the polarity of the observed potential, eliminate extraneous data or data related to ineffectual electrode configurations, identify bad electrodes and duplicate readings. You can also inspect individual readings station by station.

Depending of the electrode layout you can plot the data as plan maps, sections or 3D views, in a local or georeferenced coordinate system.  The georeferenced data can be displayed along with other geophysical data to aid with the interpretation.

Use the Induced Polarization extension to:

  • Import time- and frequency-domain data.
    •  Most standard instrument formats are supported. 
    •  All standard electrode configurations are supported.
    •  Inline, Offset and 3D layouts are supported.
  • Perform interactive and batch quality control.
  • Add topographic information.
  • Georeference the data.
  • Plot plan, section and 3D views. 
  • Prepare data for VOXI IP and Resistivity Inversion. 


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