Oasis montaj Extensions

More than 20 software extensions are available to conduct specialized processing and multidisciplinary geoscience analysis within Oasis montaj.

montaj Extensions for Geology and Geochemistry

Drillhole Plotting - enables you to visualize and interpret your geology data, and manage results for drill programs.
Geochemistry - enables you to effectively import, validate and analyze your surface geochemical.

montaj Extensions for Geophysics

Geophysics - provides a range of filters and statistical tools for working with large-volume geophysical data.
Geophysics Levelling - includes advanced tools for processing and enhancing geophysical data.
256-Channel Radiometrics Processing - enables you to process and visualize 256 channel spectrometer data.
Airborne Quality Control - provides essential tools for planning an airborne survey, and meeting tender specifications.
Depth to Basement - provides automated determination of position, dip, and intensity of magnetic source bodies.
Gravity and Terrain Correction - enables reduction and processing of gravity data from conventional ground surveys.
Grav/Mag Interpretation - enables automatic location and depth determination for gridded magnetic and gravity data.
GridKnit - enables merging geophysical grids regardless of cell size, projection or grid type.
Induced Polarization - performs many tasks on IP data including import, quality control, and more.
Isostatic Residual - calculates Airy isostatic regional and residual gravity from a topographic grid.
MAGMAP Filtering - enhances gridded datasets through geophysical and mathematical filters.
GM-SYS Profile Modelling - enables you to create a geological model and test its accuracy.
GM-SYS 3D Modelling - enables modelling complex 3D subsurface structures of any size or scale.
VOXI Earth Modelling - enables rapid, responsive 3D geophysical inversion.

montaj Extensions for UXO Detection and Analysis

UXO Land - enables location and analysis of UXO targets from magnetic or electromagnetic data.
UXO Marine - detect unexploded ordnance (UXO), buried utilities, and other seabed contamination.

montaj Extensions developed by Geosoft Partners

CET Grid Analysis - provides automated lineament detection of gridded data for first-pass data processing.
CET Porphyry Analysis - rapid analysis of magnetic data to automatically locate porphyry magnetic signatures.
Compudrape - enables draping potential field profiles or gridded data to any reference surface.
PotentQ - provides rapid semi-automatic modeling of a single magnetic and/or gravity anomaly.
Praga 4 Radiometrics - enables you to map and process airborne and ground gamma-ray spectrometry data.
Predictive Targeting - simulation and target generation with neural networks.


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