Affordable, flexible and mobile - MX Deposit provides
a better way to log drill holes.

Redefining Data Management

  • Collect quality data with a full audit trail – industry standard best practices for data management and quality control.
  •  A complete scalable solution to suit juniors or enterprise – scale up and down as you move through the mining value chain.
  •  Access from anywhere – no licenses to check out, no software to install.
  • Real-time collaboration with team and data sharing via web or mobile device.
  • Cost-effective subscription plans – Per user/ per month (with annual option) subscription.
  • Integration with public API to 3rd party applications.
  • Modern look, feel and experience.

See how it works


Spend less
on software

Don't sacrifice metres of drilling to pay for software.
MX Deposit eliminates the upfront CAPEX usually required to implement a sophisticated system.

Data with a
full audit trail

MX Deposit has industry standard best practices for data collection and quality contol, and allows you to govern the system by shaping your own environment.

Work with your
data offline 

Work online with our web and mobile apps, or bring your data with you off the grid. Whatever your scenario is, you will always have the tools to get your job done.  

MX Deposit
grows with you

From greenfields exploration to grade control, and with
the power of the cloud,
MX Deposit scales to meet anything you can throw at it. 

Spend less on managing your drilling data, and 
more on finding new ore bodies with MX Deposit. 


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