Affordable, flexible and mobile - MX Deposit provides
a better way to log drill holes.

Redefining Data Management

  • Collect quality data with a full audit trail – industry standard best practices for data management and quality control.
  •  A complete scalable solution to suit juniors or enterprise – scale up and down as you move through the mining value chain.
  •  Access from anywhere – no licenses to check out, no software to install.
  • Real-time collaboration with team and data sharing via web or mobile device.
  • Cost-effective subscription plans – Per user/ per month (with annual option) subscription.
  • Integration with public API to 3rd party applications.
  • Modern look, feel and experience.

flexible subscription options 

  • We've seen major advantages from deploying MX Deposit as an enterprise-level core logging platform. The bottom line is that MX Deposit users can realize large savings in time and costs while simultaneously enabling company-wide consistency in data capture.

    James Lang, Senior Vice President Mining, Hunter Dickinson Inc.
  • I would say 95% of our data entry is quicker and easier, since our move to MX Deposit. One of the best features is the ability to design the system to fit the parameters of the project. It’s not often that you find that kind of flexibility and we can clearly see what the upsides are.

    Nick Cook, President, Mawson Resources
  • Ease of use really sold us on MX Deposit. You can update tables, change or add additional headers and tables, add items to drop down lists, import data and export data all in real time – without having to wait for technical support. However, live technical support is always available if you require any help.

    Graeme Joyce, GIS Manager, Klondike Gold Corp.


Spend less
on software

Don't sacrifice metres of drilling to pay for software.
MX Deposit eliminates the upfront CAPEX usually required to implement a sophisticated system.

Data with a
full audit trail

MX Deposit has industry standard best practices for data collection and quality contol, and allows you to govern the system by shaping your own environment.

Work with your
data offline 

Work online with our web and mobile apps, or bring your data with you off the grid. Whatever your scenario is, you will always have the tools to get your job done.  

MX Deposit
grows with you

From greenfields exploration to grade control, and with
the power of the cloud,
MX Deposit scales to meet anything you can throw at it. 


Get started quickly and easily

Configuration and set up is easy, ensuring quick start up with little or no consulting or training. Modules, tools, and data objects can be configured for use throughout your project – from grassroots field and soil sample collection, to exploration diamond and percussive drilling, grade control drilling, underground sampling, stock pile sampling, sampling in the mill circuit and more.


Efficiently log your data

MX Deposit makes logging simple and efficient, giving you full control of your drill hole and sample data logging environment. Take advantage of the mobile app to efficiently capture and validate data in the field.


Capture data in the field

Mobile and offline data logging capability makes it flexible for use in the field. Easily log data, edit or just review data whether you are online or offline, from anywhere, with the Android tablet app.


Submit samples to a laboratory

A robust workflow is included for submitting samples to a laboratory. MX Deposit provides template dispatch headers, service schedules, prep types and codes for all major sample analysis laboratories. Templates are easy to use and customize.


Control the quality of your data

Easily import and validate all your drill hole and sample data in one step, using pre-defined and customizable validation rules. Conduct on-going QA/QC and reporting for analytical results and data quality. 


Validate and manage samples

MX Deposit makes working with samples more efficient. Easily validate, track, and manage samples, including: soil samples, outcrop samples, process control samples (mill circuit), or underground face sampling.


Stay informed on progress

Dashboard widgets provide self-serve, real-time access to reports and information to anyone in the organization, with appropriate security access. Log in anytime, from anywhere, to stay informed, make decisions and keep the project moving in the right direction.


Monitor and manage your drilling projects

Powerful project and activity management capabilities are built in. View the project summary page to quickly get an idea of how your project is progressing, monitor project status and generate reports. Pre-defined workflows are available to streamline data handling and management.


Collaborate in real time

A built-in activity feed centralizes communication between team members and encourages collaboration. Instantly access the collective knowledge of the team in real time, regardless of location. Post pictures of samples, ask and answer questions and make comments on any activity.


Streamline geology workflows

Integration with Geosoft Target provides easy interaction between your database, 3D modelling and interpretation software. Easily import drill hole projects directly into your Geosoft environment. Target Rock code files are created automatically, enabling you to quickly plot lithology that is consistent with the source data.


Import and export data from GIS, mine planning and more

Integrate directly with your labs to submit samples and receive results. Push or pull data to, and from, your mine modeling package. Access surface samples directly from your GIS software. Integrate with public API to 3rd party applications.


Access built-in support tools

MX Deposit provides a modern approach to support with tools that include a built-in ticketing system, online chat and knowledge base. There are also tools to help diagnose support calls for faster resolution.

Spend less on managing your drilling data, and 
more on finding new ore bodies with MX Deposit. 


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