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2D Modelling of Gravity and Magnetics

GM-SYS Profile Modelling is an intuitive and feature-rich workflow for gravity modelling
which provides many opportunities to constrain modelling variables.

Interactive Gravity and Magnetic Modelling

With GM-SYS Profile, you can: 

  • Create a geologic model of the subsurface and test model accuracy by comparing the model's gravity and magnetic response to observed measurements.
  • Integrate seismic, well, and geology data with observed gravity and magnetic measurements. 
  • Display hundreds of bodies, using any tabular prism that can be modelled and all parts of the model can be defined with unique properties.
  • Read and calculate magnetic gradients along a horizontal axis and along a vertical axis.
  • Model response data efficiently, with easy-to-use interface and feature-rich tool sets.
  • Add Intermediate and Advanced options provide greater flexibility of model geometry, speed the data model process, and further constrain modelling variables.

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Features and Options

Select from three GM-SYS Profile Modelling options 

GM-SYS Profile Modelling is available in three configurations: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Fully integrated with the Oasis montaj platform, GM-SYS Profile Modelling provides a wide range of gravity and magnetic mapping, modelling and interpretation capabilities. 

View the feature summary below to determine which modelling capabilities fit best with your project needs.  

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+ GM-SYS Profile Modelling Features * Requires Oasis montaj
  Basic Intermediate Advanced
Explore Model Possibilities click to enlarge
Build a model. Vary a range of density, susceptibility, remanent magnetization to test different interpretations.
Data Integration click to enlarge
View and model gravity and magnetic data simultaneously including response curves, surface data, and LAS well files.
Oasis montaj Integration click to enlarge
Extract data interactively from Oasis montaj to create a GM-SYS model.
Convert Time to Depth click to enlarge
With Oasis montaj GM-SYS Profile, you can add a new "time" window below the standard depth window. Using 'time" sections, you can build models in "time" and convert to depth.
Supports Common Graphics Formats
Vector-postscript drivers export to: Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, DGM, DXF and Geosoft plot files.
Seamless Interoperability
Import and work with more than 50 data formats, including grid, map and image formats.
2-3/4D Modelling click to enlarge
Close approximations of 3D structures are attained.
Joint Inversion click to enlarge
Refine your model to obtain the optimal fit between your model response and your data.
Seismic Bitmap
Display bitmaps in the cross-section pane background of your model to assist with creating and constraining models.
SEG-Y Reader click to enlarge
Read seismic reflection data and quickly integrate them with gravity, magnetic or any other data.
Extended Model Size
Build larger and more complex models.
Gravity and Magnetic Gradients
Constrain models using the six gradient components of the gravity field and the vertical gradient of the total magnetic field.
High Resolution Modelling click to enlarge
Work with up to 16,000 station points to better delineate details of blocks and detect small anomalies.
Grid Response
To improve QA, create a response grid of the model to compare to the original gridded data.

Operating System

Windows 8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Windows 7 SP1 (32-bit and 64-bit) - Recommended, minimum requirement.

CPU A Dual Core processor is recommended. An Intel Celeron processor is not recommended.
RAM 4-8 GB recommended, 1 GB minimum required.
Graphics Nvidia Professional 256MB 3D (OpenGL 2.0) Graphics Card recommended.
Printer/Plotters Any Windows® supported colour printer. Hewlett Packard® large-format ink-jet plotters are recommended.
Installation Permissions When installing Oasis montaj or Target, you MUST be logged on with Administrator permissions.
Installation Disk Space 2 GB or more of free space on the Program Files drive is required for the installation process.
Data Disk Space Data disk space depends on the volume of project data to be processed and the printer driver you are using. We recommend 500 GB to 1 TB, minimum 50 GB.

Internet Connection: To use VALEM, we recommend a medium to high-speed internet connection (512Kbps upload and 1Mbps download or higher). The faster your internet connection, the faster you will be able to upload your modelling information to the VALEM cloud servers and download your results.

Internet Browser: To use the internet capabilities in Oasis montaj or Target, you will need to install Internet Explorer 8.0 or later. This does not mean that you have to have Internet Explorer as your default browser; Oasis montaj and Target just use the internet connection technology supplied in IE8.

Supporting Software

The following software prerequisites are required and will be downloaded and installed if not present:
• Microsoft .NET 4.5.2
• ESRI ArcEngine 10.3

For information on requirements for previous versions and operating systems, see the system requirements page

More Information

  • What's new in the latest release
  • On an older version? Ask us about upgrading. 


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