New in DAP: Web-based Dap Administrator and Index Map

What's New

DAP Server 12.1

DAP 12.1 includes improved workflows for both end users and DAP Data Managers, enhancing efficiency and ensuring your investment in Exploration Information Management is maximized. With this release DAP data management tasks have been significantly updated to streamline many of the tasks involved in verifying and publishing exploration datasets.

Release Notes

New Features

DAP Metadata Editor

Dataset Preview option in Metadata Editor

Added a preview option in Metadata Editor that enables a DAP Data Manager to view the dataset while reviewing the metadata.

Display the Reject Log once for multiple datasets

Only shows the Reject log once when multiple datasets are rejected so the Data Administrator does not need to reject each dataset.

Metadata Reviewer stage

New workflow enables you to add intermediate steps for reviewing data and metadata in the Metadata Editor. If the Metadata Reviewer and the DAP Metadata Manager are not familiar with the project data, one or more Reviewers may be added to the workflow.

Selectable publishing queues

Select the DAP Server you would like to use to publish data. You can submit data to multiple DAP Servers without having to install a Metadata Editor for each server.

Data Management

Associated Directories

Enables you to publish a dataset where the master file has an associated folder containing required information, so you can publish Petrel and VOXI documents.

Bing Maps imagery as Seeker Browser Map

DAP Data Managers can now use Bing Maps imagery as a browser map enabling you to display tiled satellite data in Seeker browser and preview windows.

Convert to Document

Added the ability to convert a dataset to a document. This is useful for non-georeferenced images and photos.

Improved Security setting in DAP Admin

Improved the tools for setting Security groups on datasets in DAP Administrator, making it easier for you to manage dataset security.


DAP Search for datasets with numeric names

Updated Seeker search to support hyphens and numbers. You can search using numbers in the name and other metadata.

Improved Structured Metadata Query in Seeker

In Seeker, you can now type values into the Structured Metadata Query pick lists, making it easier to search and ensuring you don't lose focus when you move your mouse over the map.

Seeker option to get original

In Seeker, a new option enables you to get the original version of a warped image with no windowing, reprojection, or resampling. The ability to retrieve the original dataset is useful for working with warped images or files in formats that are supported by third party applications.

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