Add even more capabilities and extend the power of DAP with these modules.

Esri Integration

The Esri module provides integration between DAP Server and Esri datasets and services, including: Esri LYR Files, ArcGIS Map Services, ArcIMS Image Services and ArcIMS metadata services. DAP Server provides tools to catalog and publish Esri LYR files, enhancing the exploration project workflow for geoscientists working in the Esri GIS environment.

acQuire Integration

The acQuire module provides integration between DAP Server and the geochemical and drillhole data, stored in acQuire databases. Leveraging the acQuire API from acQuire Technology Solutions, data can be catalogued and distributed via DAP. This integration supports acQuire surface point campaign and borehole datasets.

Metadata Management

Geosoft provides a complete technology and service solution for metadata management, including the ability to: capture, create, standardise and automate metadata management processes with built-in validation. Geosoft metadata technology is integrated within Oasis montaj, Target, ArcGIS and DAP Server technology, enabling users to create required metadata when data or interpretations are generated.

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