What's New

Target for ArcGIS 4.1

Target for ArcGIS 4.1 includes new interval snapping options, improved zooming, more coordinate options for working with interpretation geodatabases. This release also includes a number of minor enhancements and issue fixes.


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New Features

Ease of Use

Interpretation Geodatabase coordinate system definition

An Interpretations Geodatabase can now have an undefined (* unknown) coordinate system or a projected coordinate system that may be different from the coordinate system of the drillhole project. This change provides more options and coordinate system definition requirements that are less strict.

Zoom to Original Map Scale

The new "Zoom to Original Map Scale" option enables you to easily to return to the original map scale of a Target for ArcGIS data frame after having zoomed or changed scale.


Snapping to To or From of a single from-to interval

Improved snapping options enable you to snap to either the To or From values (top or bottom of intervals), and individual intervals that are not connected to another from-to value.

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