New in Target for ArcGIS: Visual clipping for all groups in 3D view

What's New

Target for ArcGIS 3.5

Target for ArcGIS 3.5 includes important advancements that improve access to data and information, make drillhole mapping and reporting tasks more efficient, and expand 3D subsurface visualisation and analysis capabilities. Enhanced software usability will help you be more productive when working on your exploration geology projects in ArcGIS.


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New Features

Ease of Use

Export 3D Features from Target Map

Added the ability to export 2D interpretations from section or plan maps to 3D Shapefiles or 3D DXF files. The newly created 3D files can be opened in the Geosoft 3D Viewer, Esri ArcScene, and other 3D programs. Improves your 2D to 3D workflow, enabling you to share 2D interpretations drawn on section maps with other 3D environments.

3D Visualization

Display Layers to 3D View

With a single click you can now send any map layer (or multiple selected layers) from a Target for ArcGIS data frame to the Geosoft 3D Viewer. This enables you to quickly display interpretations drawn on section maps within the 3D View. Sections or plan slices will appear in their correct geospatial orientation in the 3D view.

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