Import, convert and display Geosoft raster files
with this free add-in for Esri ArcGIS Pro

View and convert Geosoft grids to Esri rasters

View your geophysical or geochemical Geosoft raster files (.grd) in ArcGIS Pro quickly and easily.

Seamlessly convert multiple Geosoft raster files into Esri formats, then visualize, analyze or process your data with ArcGIS Pro.

View and convert Geosoft grids to Esri rasters

Quick symbology and shading

Quick symbology and shading

Apply standard geoscientific colour methods to enhance important details and make your data easier to interpret. Use a histogram-equalized colour method for geophysical rasters and log-linear classification for geochemical rasters.

Quickly apply shading to selected rasters using the Esri multi-dimensional hill shading tool to give your rasters more visual contrast and depth.

Import sections without georeferencing

Import sections or subsurface rasters and easily display them in an ArcGIS Pro 3D scene with their correct location and orientation.

Use the Geosoft Viewer to visualize, integrate and overlay geoscience data

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