Geosoft software and services support collaborative exploration and help to solve complex geoscience challenges.  Extract more value from your geoscience data, and get more insightful results.

  • The process of creating an exploration model has become easier and more efficient with the advancement of exploration software such as Geosoft, which provides a platform for integrating different datasets ...

    Bill Morris, McMaster University
  • Geosoft provides a complete solution for UXO projects. It's very robust and allows you to manage large volumes of data. That's critical to our ability to operate with limited budgets.

    John Breznick, naeva Geophysics
  • Our Geosoft and GIS software helps us to map everything out and manage our projects more effectively. We can combine and consider not only the geology, but all the relevant project information. 

    OLivier masset, manager of resources and GIS 
  • The great advantage of using the Geosoft platform is the fact that it provides the ability for tight integration, from the database through to the preparation of maps. 

    Julio lyrio, petrobras

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Multidisciplinary Geoscience

Oasis montaj
Software Extensions

Target 3D Geology

Geological Modelling

Target for ArcGIS

VOXI 3D Inversion Modelling

Geophysical Modelling 

GM-SYS Modelling
VOXI Earth Modelling

UXO Marine

UXO Detection and Analysis

UXO Land
UXO Marine

Geoscience Data Management

Geoscience Data Management

Data Services
Server Technology

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