Thiws Geotecnologia 

Thiws Geotecnologia – Strategic partner to improve dissemination of products, services and brand awareness.

The Thiws® Geotecnologia entered in the market of geosolutions for about six years, where we engage directly with the strategic planning of projects, to contribute in solving the problems presented and to providing innovative business solutions and apply the best practices and techniques available on the market.

Our main services are: GeoIT Consulting, GeoIT Outsourcing, Geoprocessing, Geodatabases, Geomarketing, Geophysics and Training.

Based on this, we hope to create a very enriching and collaborative link to your project, making us partners focused on the good progress and success of your business.

Contact Information:

Thiws Geotecnologia
Avenida Senador Salgado Filho, 1559
Prédio do NIT no IFRN, 1º Andar – Sala 05
Tirol – Natal/RN – CEP 59015-000

Tel: +55 84 2020 1010
Fax: +55 84 2020 1010
Mobile: +55 84 9821 8000


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