Pico Envirotec

Pico Envirotec

Pico Envirotec Inc. (PEI) is a Canadian company that was established in 1992.Since 1998 it has been engaged primarily in manufacturing advanced instrumentation for use in airborne and ground geophysical surveys for mining, oil and gas and environmental applications. PEI's core expertise is the development and manufacture of instrumentation for remotely measuring radiation and potential fields data, using real-time data acquisition and precise satellite (GPS) navigation and positioning.


The Pico-Radiation-Air-to-Ground-Algorithm (Praga) software, developed by Pico Envirotec and Spectronica, is licensed and distributed by Geosoft as an Oasis montaj plus™ third party extension. The Praga Radiometrics extension enables you to map and process airborne and ground gamma-ray spectrometry data acquired by modern spectrometers using NaI(Tl) detectors.

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Contact Information:

Pico Envirotec
222 Snidercroft Rd.
Concord, ON, L4K 2K1
Tel: +1 905 760 9512
Web: www.picoenvirotec.com

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