ElectroMagnetic Imaging Technology


ElectroMagnetic Imaging Technology (EMIT), based in Perth, Western Australia, has been developing instrumentation and software for geophysical applications since 1994. The company specializes in: Electromagnetic Geophysics, Geophysical Modeling, Geophysical Instrumentation and Technology Development.


EMIT’s Maxwell is powerful 32-bit Windows software for complete analysis, modeling, display and plotting of electromagnetic geophysical data. It is user-friendly and includes rapid forward modelling, inversion, plate models, layered earth models, time and frequency domain, data editing and presentation quality hardcopy output. Suitable for ground, borehole and airborne surveys.

Maxwell provides a powerful interface that works with Oasis montaj by enabling you to read and write Geosoft file formats, launch Maxwell from Oasis montaj and return Maxwell model results to Oasis montaj.

The Maxwell user interface allows you to view your EM data in plan, section, profile, decay, spectrum and model presentations.

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Contact Information:

ElectroMagnetic Imaging Technology (EMIT)
Andrew Duncan
Tel: +61 8 9295 1456
Mobile: 041 991 3110
Email: info@emit.iinet.net.au
Web: www.emit.iinet.net.au

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