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Founded in 2013, Acorn Science & Innovation (AcornSI) has offices in McLean Virginia and Cary North Carolina.  Primarily focused on US Federal Government Research and Development, AcornSI works across a diverse set of customers and technologies. AcornSI has capabilities in Maritime Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR), Ocean Sciences, Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Classification, and Business Intelligence.

AcornSI Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Service Group brings world leading analysis skills and thought processes with production-constrained, real-world knowledge and experiences to each and every project. By virtue of their 15+year research experience with SERDP and ESTCP, AcornSI personnel are intimately familiar with all aspects of geophysical investigations designed to quantitatively classify hazardous UXO from non-hazardous clutter while simultaneously documenting the decisions via data products, quality control procedures, quality assurance plans, and standard operating procedures.  Through our joint venture with Naeva Geophysical, AcornSI offers a full range of geophysical advanced classification services. 

AcornSI has developed AcornSI UXO Tools, which support the inversion and identification of UXO targets using magnetic and electromagnetic data. These tools are designed for use within Geosoft’s UXO applications including UX-Detect, UXO Marine, UX-Analyze and future variations.  AcornSI UXO Tools are licensed and distributed by Geosoft as an integrated third party extension.

Contact Information:
Acorn Science & Innovation
Dr. Dean Keiswetter, Director UXO Services Group
2928 South Buchanan Street, Suite C-1, Arlington, VA 22206
Tel: +1 919-454-4774
Web: www.

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