Students in Environmental Geophysics course get hands-on learning with Oasis montaj

NERC Jan18

Geosoft was pleased to support the Geophysics for Environmental Scientists course recently conducted by Keele University,  providing students with Oasis montaj software subscriptions to analyze and interpret the geophysical data.

Taught by a trio of instructors with fifty years experience in academic and industrial near-surface geophysics, the 5-day course was aimed at postgraduate students and early career researchers who wished to learn both the theory and practical application of environmental geophysics. Attendees were exposed to a range of techniques commonly used in environmental research such as ground penetrating radar, electrical resistivity, microgravity, and electromagnetic and magnetic methods. 

The course equipped students with geophysical knowledge they could apply to further research and careers in the environmental field. Practical applications include magnetic surveying to search for buried objects or contaminants, data interpretation to determine the depth and quality of groundwater, and mapping the source and level of pollutants in the subsurface. 

More information on the course is available on the Keele University web site.

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