Next generation geophysics: Geosoft showcases VOXI IP and resistivity inversion technology during the PDAC 2017

Next generation geophysics: Geosoft showcases VOXI IP and resistivity inversion technology during the PDAC 2017

Geosoft will present an inversion technology showcase demonstrating the latest 3D induced polarization (IP) and resistivity capabilities in VOXI Earth Modelling during the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) international convention at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, March 5, 2017. The showcase will be hosted by Dr. Robert Ellis, Senior Scientist, Earth Modelling, and Taronish Pithawala, Geophysical Modelling Lead. 

Induced Polarization and resistivity data are routinely collected in mineral exploration surveys and they are also finding their niche in environmental surveys.

“The addition of IP and resistivity capabilities to VOXI was motivated by the industry's desire for a modern, easy to use, 3D inversion platform to generate models of conductivity and chargeability,” said Pithawala. “At the technology showcase, we will demonstrate a number of innovative methods to produce robust IP and resistivity models including applied examples.”

VOXI’s approach allows for 3D modelling of IP and resistivity data collected using conventional 2D line-based surveys, 3D arrays, as well as spectral IP surveys. Geoscientists can model line data, combine several historical surveys into one 3D model, or invert immense datasets from today’s 3D IP and resistivity systems using VOXI.

Released in 2012 VOXI Earth Modelling is subscription-based software that provides powerful and affordable cloud computing capabilities for 3D inversion modelling, easily accessed from anywhere in the world with a laptop and internet connection. Over the years, VOXI has expanded to include new techniques and modelling capabilities for magnetic, gravity, gravity gradient, frequency domain electromagnetic – and most recently induced polarization and resistivity data.

Today, VOXI is not only recognized for its ability to generate better, faster and more cost effective inversion models – but also for providing a comprehensive toolset for geophysical 3D inversion within a single, integrated platform.  Since 2012, Geosoft's global network of customers have collectively run more than 36,000 models using VOXI Earth Modelling, or the equivalent of 1 model every hour for 4 years.

Registration for the Inversion Technology Showcase is available online. 

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