Webinar on 3D subsurface mapping breaks attendance records

Geosoft recently partnered with MundoGEO, a leader in event organization and publication of magazines and portals for the geotechnology sector in Latin America, to sponsor an online seminar on the topic of ‘Adding 3D subsurface data in ArcGIS’. The total number of participants exceeded 1,200, breaking previous attendance records for MundoGEO Online Seminars.

Interest in the topic, and event promotion through social networking were key to the seminar’s success, reported Eduardo Freitas, MundoGEO seminar mediator.

"The use of 3D data analysis is on the rise, generating a great deal of interest in this webinar,” said Freitas. “To publicize the webinar, we took advantage of the MundoGEO portal, social networks and discussion lists. Social networks were also used during the webinar, with highlights of the event.”

The online seminar, conducted in Portuguese, demonstrated the use of Geosoft Target for ArcGIS as a solution for creating surface and subsurface maps, importing, managing and visualizing geology and drillhole data, from 2D sections to 3D maps and interpretations. The audience included geoscience professionals and users of Esri’s ArcGIS software within Latin America’s Engineering, Geotechnical, Environmental, Mining and Oil Exploration industries, Government and Education sectors.

“The high level of interest confirmed the importance, and market demand for, our 3D data visualization and integration tools,” said Ana Cristina Chaves, Managing Director of Geosoft LatinoAmerica.  “We were very impressed with the professionalism and range of services provided by the MundoGeo team. The results speak for themselves. This was the largest audience we’ve ever reached through our online events.” 

Speakers at the online event included Telma Aisengart, an exploration data management solutions consultant and technical manager at Geosoft LatinoAmerica with more than 25 years of experience as a geophysicist; Israel Almeida, geophysicist and technical analyst at Geosoft LatinoAmerica; and Bartira Carvalho, accounts executive at Geosoft LatinoAmerica, responsible for providing support to the Mining and Oil & Gas markets across all solutions – from mapping and analysis to exploration data management.

The PDF and video of the webinar conducted in Portuguese is available at http://mundogeo.com/webinar/arcgis3d.

View a seminar on Target for ArcGIS in English at http://www.geosoft.com/news-events/events/seminars/never-leave-your-gis-analyse-your-drillhole-data-target-arcgis.

For more information about Geosoft software and solutions, send your inquiry to explore@geosoft.com.

For more information about MundoGEO products and services, contact Eduardo Freitas at eduardo@mundogeo.com.


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About MundoGEO - http://mundogeo.com

MundoGEO has produced content for print and online media, trade shows, seminars, courses and webinars in the geoinformation field since 1998. It publishes two major magazines targeted at the sector: InfoGEO, on satellite images and Geographic information Systems (GIS); and InfoGNSS, with a focus on surveying and cartography. In this area, the company operates the MundoGEO Portal, which, with daily content in Portuguese, Spanish and English, is the Latin American leader in numbers of visitors. It maintains a content partnership with UOL, operating in the area of geomobility with the InfoGPS Portal, which, together with the MundoGEO Portal, features more than 60,000 registered professionals and more than 7,000 followers on social networks.  In the area of sustainability, the company also maintains the Atitude Sustentável (Sustainable Attitude) Portal, also in partnership with UOL. From June 14 - 16, 2011, it organized the MundoGEO#Connect São Paulo (SP), an event which brought together more than 7,500 professionals from the sector.

About MundoGEO Online Seminars

The MundoGEO online seminar series is designed for educational and informational purposes, dealing with technology, cases and trends in the geotechnology sector. The methodology of distance seminars is aligned with the global demand for professional content in a short time span, without any need for presenters, mediators or attendees to travel.

The MundoGEO Portal offers a technology with proven quality for the production, promotion and holding of online seminars. MundoGEO webinars provide a simple and rapid means of professional development, by placing companies, institutions and users in direct touch with each other. During the webinars, attendees can directly interact with presenters by means of a chat and audio tool.

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