UXO Land for Geosoft Oasis montaj now available

UXO Land

UXO Land, a new extension for Oasis montaj 9.0, was released by Geosoft today. UXO Land merges Geosoft’s UX-Detect and US Department of Defense-sponsored UX-Process software into a single, comprehensive workflow for accurate detection and characterization of unexploded ordnance (UXO) targets using magnetic and electromagnetic (EM) data.

UXO Land continues to leverage the multifaceted geophysical processing and analysis capabilities of Geosoft’s industry-standard Oasis montaj software platform. With the 9.0 release, Oasis montaj is now a 64-bit application with a simplified and customizable interface, multi-monitor support and enhanced core technology that makes complex geospatial analysis faster and easier.

Tighter integration of UXO detection and processing capabilities in the new UXO Land workflow supports time and cost-effective UXO project management, from survey planning through to data QA/QC, target identification and analysis for more efficient site clearance.

Additional UXO software enhancements in the Geosoft 9.0 release include:

  • Enhanced support for multiple marine sensors, improved batch modelling and analytic signal calculation within UXO Marine.
  • New algorithms for modelling advanced EM data, an improved data structure and workflow within UX-Analyze.

UXO Land is available globally, and all clients with supported UX-Detect licenses will be automatically upgraded to UXO Land when they install the Geosoft 9.0 update.

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