Spatial Data Cataloging Added to Geosoft Exploration Software

Free utility makes it easy to organize and find digital exploration data stored on personal computers

Explorers can easily organize and find their digital exploration data with the new Geosoft Desktop Cataloger utility released today.

Geosoft Desktop Cataloger is an easy-to-use tool that catalogs spatial data on a personal computer and provides the ability to spatially search and find this data through the use of keywords.

Desktop Cataloger builds a ‘My Data’ catalog of spatial files that can be accessed using the DAP Find Data or Dapple Find Data option within Geosoft desktop applications and Geosoft extension software for ArcGIS. The catalog can include up to 5000 datasets. Explorers can select folders on their computers or external drives to be cataloged. They can also specify what data types Desktop Cataloger should catalog from a preset list of spatial data set file types. The list of supported data types includes ECW, ERS, GDB, Geosoft VOXEL, Geosoft GRD, ArcGIS LYR, ArcGIS SHP, MapInfo TAB and GeoTIF Images.

Any Geosoft XML metadata created for the datasets can be found within a search, opened and reviewed.

Desktop Cataloger is available as a no cost add-on to Geosoft exploration software. Installation requires an active Geosoft Desktop product license (Oasis montaj version 7.1 or higher, Target version 7.1 or higher, Target for ArcGIS 3.1 or Geochemistry for ArcGIS 1.0).

"With the new cataloging utility, Geosoft customers can be more effective and productive in exploiting the value of their data for exploration projects," said Steve Randall, Director of Product Management for Geosoft. “Explorers are constantly collecting and updating their digital data. Spatial cataloging, combined with Geosoft search and viewer technologies, enables easy access and integration of new data as soon as it is available. This means an explorer can always be in sync with their data, and make decisions more quickly based on the best available information.”

Visit for more product information, and to download Desktop Cataloger.

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