Short course on Integrated Exploration at the AMA Convention

Geosoft is conducting a short course on Integrated Exploration at the Alaska Miners Association’s (AMA) Convention which runs November 5 to 11 in Anchorage, Alaska. The course, being held November 6th, will review methods for combining geophysical, geochemical, and geological data in 2D and 3D, within Geosoft Target, to effectively advance exploration projects. 

As mineral exploration focuses on more complex and hard-to-reach deposits, the careful cross analysis of various data becomes increasingly important. Integrating geological, geochemical and geophysical data from both surface and subsurface exploration campaigns is facilitated by Geosoft’s Target software.

The short course will introduce the capabilities of Target for integrating data into manageable databases; creating powerful 2D plan and section maps; visualising data, modelling the deposit in 3D; and sharing results with colleagues for collaboration.

Course instructor Taronish Pithawala is a Technical Analyst at Geosoft. Prior to joining Geosoft, Taronish worked in the ground geophysics industry using EM techniques. He has also spent time mapping the geology of the Canadian Arctic in Nunavut.

Taronish will be available at the ESRI booth, during the show, to answer questions about Geosoft’s software solutions for mineral exploration.

For more information on the AMA’s annual convention, read the brochure.

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