New 3D features and streamlined workflows in Geosoft May 2014 Release

Geosoft's May 2014 Release included updates for Oasis montaj, MAGMAP, Target, GM-SYS 3D, VOXI, and Geosoft ArcGIS extensions. The release provided new features and streamlined workflows that make working with grids, data imports, arrays, databases, and voxels faster and more efficient. 

Release highlights:

  • On a 64-bit system, Oasis montaj and Target are now aware of, and will use, the full 4 GB of RAM provided by the operating system, instead of the 2 GB limit for 32 bit applications. This access to additional memory improves our ability to work with larger files.
  • The grid display tool has been redesigned. New capabilities include previewing colour ramps, reversing the colour distribution, controlling brightness, adding shadows, adding a custom colour legend bar and more.
  • Voxel handling tools have been expanded. You can now extract surfaces from a voxel that are parallel to a defined datum. Support has been improved for working with vector voxels.
  • Array handling tools have been improved. A separate channel to define the array spacing is no longer required when the increment values are the same for all data points in the GDB. The array viewer can now also display arrays data based on true separation spacing.
  • A drillhole constraints builder has been added to VOXI that automatically generates constraints based on drillhole physical property measurements.
  • GM-SYS 3D calculations have been optimized to provide better results faster. A new Forward Gravity Calculation method has been added to support draped surveys without the need for upward continuation. Also, using closed 3D surfaces, you may represent arbitrarily-shaped bodies of any complexity in the models.
  • Vector slicing for drillhole sections and plans has been improved. In addition to slicing a DXF or shapefile, you now have the ability to slice a geosurface. ​​You can select multiple vector files and have the option to edit the colour and fill attributes for lines and polygons.
  • In Target for ArcGIS, a new drillhole can be interactively planned simply by clicking on a location in a section or plan map.

For more information on this release, read the Geosoft Software Release - May 2014 Highlights.

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