Historical data ranks as a top challenge for exploration data management

Historical and duplicate data are among the top challenges for exploration data management, according to Geosoft’s 2015 Exploration Information Management Survey Report. The majority of respondents (68%) report challenges managing historical data and 26% rank the amount that is unmanaged or disorganized as their biggest data management issue.

The 2015 survey is a much broader version of a similar survey completed in 2013. This year’s survey report incorporates more opinion from different industries and government segments, and a stronger representation from geologists and GIS specialists.

Geosoft received 1980 responses from 1328 organizations in 115 countries. About 60% of the respondents hail from the mineral resources industry and 12% from the energy sector. The remainder represent government, education, and the environmental and UXO sectors.

Most respondents (85%), regardless of their role or organization, ranked data management as a critical or top five issue for their exploration group.

For more key insights, download the full 2015 Survey Report.

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