Geosoft UXO Marine update delivers new functionality and improved workflow

Geosoft has released a software update for UXO Marine, adding new functionality and tools for conducting underwater site investigations with geophysics. Workflow enhancements in this update make the handling of multi-sensor magnetic and gradiometer arrays data faster and more efficient. 

Release highlights:

  • Support for vertical and longitudinal gradient data, including the Seaquest system, as well as horizontal or transverse gradiometer (TVG) data.
  • New target-picking and management tools to automatically select targets from gridded data, and manually edit target lists.
  • The ability to calculate analytic signal from any combination of measured and calculated gradients, to help reduce noise and produce a cleaner analytical signal.

This release also includes significant upgrades to the Navigation Correction and Background Removal tools, making them more comprehensive and easier to use. Offset locations and pitch and roll corrections can now be applied to all sensors in a single pass.

Offered as an extension to Oasis montaj, UXO Marine is the premier software solution for detecting cables, pipelines and unexploded ordnance in underwater environments using magnetic and magnetic gradient data. 

Read UXO Software 8.1 Update 1 for more details on this update, and related downloads. Learn more about UXO Marine


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