Geosoft supports interactive gravity and magnetics textbook

In an age of tablet devices and online learning, textbooks aren’t just books anymore. Today they can be enhanced with rich, digital media and online resources for interactive learning, which is why Geosoft has partnered with Cambridge University Press (CUP) to provide online access to practical exercises to accompany a recently-released geophysical exploration textbook.

Gravity and Magnetic Exploration: Principles, Practices, and Applications (2013) by William J. Hinze, Ralph R.B. von Frese, and Afif H. Saad describes the Earth’s potential fields and the geophysical practices used to explore the subsurface using surface, marine, airborne, and satellite measurements.

The authors have created study questions and practical exercises to explain gravity and magnetic exploration concepts. Geosoft has provided Oasis montaj software free-of-charge to the book’s users to process, analyze, and interpret the gravity and magnetic anomaly data in the exercises.

Users will also find additional chapters illustrating the application of gravity and magnetic methods to engineering and environmental studies, energy resource exploration, mineral exploration, and lithospheric investigations on the CUP website.

To find out more about the book, and online learning resources, visit

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