Geosoft software release supports multifaceted analysis of subsurface geology, geophysics and geochemistry

Geosoft announced the availability of a major software release in November, with updates to Oasis montaj, Target, GM-SYS, VOXI Earth Modelling, Geosoft ArcGIS Extensions and montaj Extensions.

The release also marked the introduction of VALEM, a new inversion modelling service that advances base of salt and sub-salt imaging for energy exploration projects. Offered as an integral part of the GM-SYS 3D workflow, VALEM uses a layered, hybrid modelling approach to produce a more accurate representation of salt geometry and sub-salt density distributions.

New features and enhancements within the latest release streamline data analysis, expand visualization capabilities, and add controls for more effective project management.

Workflow improvements continue to build on Geosoft’s strength as a platform for collaborative and multifaceted analysis of geology, geophysics and geochemistry, helping to solve large data challenges and improve understanding of complex subsurface structures. 

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