Toronto, Ontario - Geosoft today announced the availability of its 2008 Target for ArcGIS software release, version 3.0.

New 3D capabilities in this release enable customers to enhance their view of   the subsurface, by creating and displaying subsurface geology as 3D geology voxels, and 3D geological surfaces. Geosoft will begin shipping Target for ArcGIS 3.0 the week of February 11, 2008.

"Geosoft's strength in developing subsurface workflows and robust mapping functionality continues to support geoscientists exploring in ESRI's ArcGIS. The new advances in Target for ArcGIS 3.0 make it a ‘must have' for anyone that needs to view and work with drillhole or borehole geology data within their ArcGIS environment," says Louis Racic, Director of Product Management for Geosoft Inc.

Target for ArcGIS 3.0 allows customers to create fence diagrams from selected drillholes, visualize their data with an improved high-quality true transparency 3D view and allows the easy manipulation of 3D isosurfaces and voxels from within an enhanced 3D interface.

"Our goal is to provide geoscientists with faster, better ways to view and integrate their data for knowledge development and business decision-making," says Racic. "With Target for ArcGIS 3.0, our customers gain extended functionality that saves them time and gives them greater control over results."

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