Geosoft releases 9.0, high performance software for multidisciplinary geoscience

 Geosoft 9.0 Update

Geosoft announced today the availability of its new 9.0 update, introducing major improvements to its software technology for multidisciplinary geoscience. With this release, Geosoft Oasis montaj and Target are now 64-bit applications with simplified and customizable interfaces, multi-monitor support and enhanced core technology that makes complex geospatial analysis faster and easier.

Faster data processing and analysis

High performance, 64-bit computing in Geosoft 9.0 will improve productivity for geoscientists and exploration professionals, enabling them to create and work with much larger databases, voxels, and grids. The simplified interface can be customized to ensure frequently used tools are always easy to access. Faster data mapping and processing provides the opportunity for more iteration and experimentation to improve the quality of analysis and project outcomes.

Improved 3D visualization of geology and geophysics

The new release includes updated 3D graphics rendering for better transparency and lighting in 3D models, and it provides support for a broader range of video cards. Geosoft continues to add new options for visualizing geology and geophysical data within the Oasis montaj platform, Target and Target for ArcGIS, to generate more accurate 3D insight into subsurface and subsea targeting environments.

More tools for enhancing data quality 

New workflows and tools have been added to enhance data quality and improve the accuracy of interpretations. Explorers can ensure data quality when working with 3D induced polarization data with a new utility that helps to quickly identify readings associated with faulty electrodes, so these data points can be easily removed before further processing. A new moving platform gravity workflow for processing shipborne gravity survey data has been added that supports additional gravity and bathymetry imports, including MGS-6 and P1/90 formats and includes updated survey path corrections. 

New and improved UXO workflows

With the 9.0 release, Geosoft’s UXO software has been reconfigured into three distinct workflows: UXO Land, UXO Marine and UX-Analyze. UXO Land combines the features previously available in UX-Detect and UX-Process into a single, comprehensive workflow for accurate detection and characterization of unexploded ordnance (UXO) targets using magnetic and electromagnetic (EM) data. UXO Marine now includes enhanced support for multiple marine sensors, improved batch modelling and analytic signal calculation. UX-Analyze includes new algorithms for modelling advanced EM data and workflow improvements. 

The Geosoft 9.0 update is available to all customers with a current maintenance subscription. Software installation has been simplified, and customers can now use their Geosoft ID to sign in and access all of their licensed software products and extensions. 

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