Geosoft previews advances in UXO Marine

Geosoft will preview new modelling and analysis capabilities in UXO Marine, a specialized geophysical software solution for underwater site investigations, at the Oceanology International and SAGEEP conferences being held in March 2016. The enhancements are part of a major software update that will be released in Spring 2016.  

Building on UXO Marine’s existing capabilities for magnetic data processing, analysis and visualization the update will include tools that make it easier and more efficient to process data from large gradient sensor arrays, and model targets from magnetic data. 

Highlights in the upcoming release include:

  • Improved, automated batch modelling of magnetic data that supports the sparse data commonly seen in many marine magnetic and gradiometer surveys – including output of magnetic moment;
  • Expanded tools for working with data from gradient sensor arrays that accommodate any number of sensors and configurations;
  • The ability to calculate the Analytic Signal directly from measured vertical magnetic gradients in surveys where magnetic gradient measurements are dense enough to be gridded;
  • An interactive "Add Target" tool to automatically find the closest peak to the picked location when picking targets from profile data in the database; and
  • Additional lag and offset tools to correct the path or location of your survey data.

With the new features, UXO Marine will provide a more comprehensive workflow for marine geophysics and address industry requirements for tools to rapidly and reliably process, analyze and map high volumes of magnetic data for accurate target detection within subsea environments.

About UXO Marine
International seabed and Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) survey companies and consultants utilize UXO Marine to effectively detect and classify cables, pipelines and unexploded ordnance in underwater environments. Available as an extension to Geosoft’s Oasis montaj software, UXO Marine provides a comprehensive solution for processing and visualizing magnetic data for marine surveys. To find out more about the capabilities of UXO Marine, visit

About Geosoft Near Surface Solutions
Geosoft provides market-leading technology for the detection and classification of unexploded ordnance (UXO) and marine geophysics. Geosoft software solutions help surveyors to remove doubt in UXO investigations and manage large-scale land and marine UXO projects more cost effectively. The company’s Near Surface solutions team is focused on serving the business and technical needs of clients within the UXO, environmental and marine industries.  For more information, visit

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