Geosoft Mid-Year Software Release Now Available

Toronto, Canada - Geosoft announced the availability of its 2009 mid-year software release today. The release includes a maintenance upgrade containing service packs and minor enhancements across Geosoft’s entire product line: Oasis montaj v 7.1.1, Target v7.1.1, Target for ArcGIS v3.1, Geochemistry for ArcGIS v1.0.1 and DAP 11.1. More information on the software update and download instructions are available in the Geosoft Support Centre.

Geosoft’s 2009 software release, available since March, delivered major improvements to 3D workflows, greater ease of mapping, and stronger integration with ESRI GIS.

With this year’s release, Geosoft has streamlined workflows by centralizing all 3D related actions within a single 3D Viewing tool. New shortcuts and enhancements have made mapping more efficient. These include: a new quick link to colour tables, additional scaling options for profiles, and the ability to interactively define the new map extents.

With version 7.1, Geosoft now fully supports all ESRI projections and Datum transforms. When importing ArcGIS shapefile and layerfile data to Geosoft Maps and MXD files, explorers can easily reproject using either Geosoft or ESRI transforms. When using ESRI transforms, the dialogs maintain the ESRI look and feel to provide a natural experience.

Two new videos have been developed to provide an overview of geological and geophysical workflows and the latest features in Geosoft’s 7.1 software release. You can view both videos in full size from the Geosoft website or download a smaller mp4 file to view on your iPod/media player. View the videos online:

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