Geosoft introduces UXO Marine, a software solution for underwater site investigations

Geosoft has introduced UXO Marine, a powerful new software solution for the detection and classification of cables, pipelines and unexploded ordnance in underwater environments using geophysics.

UXO Marine combines magnetic data processing, analysis and visualization tools with a dedicated workflow that enables surveyors to conduct marine site investigations with improved effectiveness and accuracy.

The software supports data acquired from single and multiple magnetometer arrays as well as fixed distance transverse gradiometers (TVG).

Processing of marine magnetic data using a range of geophysical filters available in UXO Marine. The gridded images, from left to right, show raw magnetics, residual magnetics and analytical signal with targets picked.

“As the number of offshore wind farms grows worldwide, the quantity of underwater site investigations is multiplying,” says Nick Valleau, UXO Market Manager for Geosoft. “UXO Marine provides rapid and reliable detection of unexploded ordnance, pipelines or other seabed contaminants through improved analysis of marine magnetic data.”

Offered as an extension to Geosoft’s Oasis montaj, UXO Marine provides easy to use QA/QC, data cleaning and processing, target picking and target analysis capabilities.  Surveyors can process data in either profile form for wide line spacings, or 2D grids for denser survey coverage.

“Oasis montaj with the UXO Marine extension is the best tool on the market for efficiently dealing with large-scale marine UXO surveys on a daily basis,” said  Dr. Kay Winkelmann, Consulting Engineer for UXO Detection,  Geophysics and Archaeological Prospection. “Datasets with thousands of lines covering several square kilometers are easily handled. The database design allows for quick and efficient processing analysis of the data including line-based filtering and other corrections. The UXO Marine extension adds some urgently needed tools such as altitude correction and efficient TVG magnetometer data import.”

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