Geosoft introduces Chinese language software and training services supporting exploration in China

Official launch attended by geoscience leaders active within China's resource exploration and earth science sectors

Geosoft recently hosted an official launch, in Beijing China, introducing their Chinese language exploration software and training services supporting China’s resource exploration and earth science sectors.

Everything is lining up to develop China’s potential and critical role within the global resource exploration sector. Market interest is escalating, with joint-ventures being announced. There is substantial prospective opportunity, and vast amounts of regional geoscience data are available to support exploration.

Reporting from the launch, where Geosoft presented to prominent exploration and geoscience leaders in the country, Tim Dobush, CEO, Geosoft Inc. said:

“There is large untapped opportunity and a need to grow resource exploration and discovery potential within China to meet rising resource demands worldwide. China is developing its exploration capabilities to harness its substantial mineral and energy resources; and Geosoft is honored to support the country’s dedicated knowledge experts and exploration community with world-class technology and local support services.” 

Geosoft recently expanded its presence and support within China, with a dedicated business partner for its exploration technology, BeiJing MaiQin NengYuan JiShu FuWu Co Ltd (MaiQin); a Chinese language version of Geosoft’s geophysical software, a component of their industry standard Oasis montaj platform for 3D mapping and analysis; and Chinese language training services available online and onsite to support software skills development.  

Chinese companies participating in the Geosoft launch included existing and new customers: The Aero Geophysical Survey & Remote Sensing Center for Land and Resources (AGRS), The Chinese Geological Survey, China University of Geosciences, the Institute of Geophysical and Geochemical Exploration, the Chinese Geophysical Society and Sinopec.

“ Supporting resource exploration within China is an important part of our mandate,” said Xiong ShengQing, the Vice President of AGRS, “and we believe Geosoft’s capabilities and strengths in exploration geophysics, now available in Chinese, will make a major contribution in how we are able to analyze and visualize data to advance exploration initiatives.”  

Lisa Huang, Chairman of MaiQin commented: “With the rich sources of data available in China, there is a strong need for advanced technology to extract new perspective and knowledge from the data - accelerating exploration results and discovery success. Geosoft software technology is industry standard, and the choice of resource industry leaders in global exploration markets. We are looking forward to working with Geosoft and the industry and earth science leaders to support the exciting, exploration work underway in China.” 


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Carmela Burns, Geosoft


About MaiQin

Geosoft is represented in China by MaiQin, a high technology company (based in Beijing’s ChaoYang District) that provides software sales and technical services to customers in the Petroleum and Mineral Resources sectors. MaiQin also provides value-added technical and consulting services such as geological modelling, sequence sedimentary analysis, reservoir fine description and WellPath designing. 

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